employee empowerment platformStartup Rallyteam has taken to TechCrunch Disrupt, a startup competition in held in San Francisco, to announce the release of its product into private beta.  Rallyteam is a solution that organizations can offer their workforces to enhance career and skill growth.  The cloud-based platform empowers employees to connect to internal work opportunities as part of their professional development. In addition to providing experiential learning, Rallyteam also aims to increase productivity, engagement, and retention for organizations.

“The workforce is changing; people aren’t motivated by compensation alone.  They want diverse opportunities, meaningful work, immediate recognition, flexibility and growth,” said Huan Ho, co-founder and CEO of Rallyteam.  “Millennials in particular are driving this change – they will comprise 50 percent of the workforce in just five years and organizations need to be prepared.  We want to help employees seamlessly move into roles where they will have the most impact and personal growth.”

Rallyteam’s approach focuses on experiential learning.  The platform helps organizations maximize their talent pool while providing new opportunities for employee development.  Rallyteam’s Opportunity Market intelligently connects people to internal projects that need help based on skills and interests.  The system’s gamification features allow users to provide recognition back to colleagues.

“Rallyteam makes it easy for employees to get setup by pulling in their skills from LinkedIn,” says co-founder Dan Clay Ellis, “Using this information and preferences set by the employee, they can be smart-matched to opportunities at their place of work.  As more join, Rallyteam becomes an invaluable repository of people and skills; we’re interested in helping organizations tap into this collective intelligence.”

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