connected blue puzzle piecesRandstad’s Employee Confidence Index has reported worker confidence levels reaching pre-recession highs as employees’ attitudes toward the economy and their employers took a 2 percent jump since May. The Randstad Index now sits at 56.8 points.

“Our Index figures align with the June Consumer Confidence Index, which saw the most promising signs in five years,” Jim Link, Managing Director, Randstad U.S., said “Our Index also found over a third of employees are likely to seek a new job in the next 12 months – a sign that the economy has better opportunities available in the eyes of job seekers. The recent strengthening of both the stock market and residential property values are two factors that may help build confidence of the American labor market in months to come.”

Link went on to say, “We are also seeing a continued skill shortage in sectors such as engineering, which has tipped the scale to a candidates’ market. As a result, candidates are receiving multiple job offers and companies are trying to find measures to speed up the recruiting process to avoid losing out on top talent.”

Employee confidence is up nearly 5 points since January when it sat at 52.1 percent while personal confidence is up slightly over the first half of 2013 from 65.8 points in January to 67.1 points in June, down from a yearly high of 67.8 points in March. The security index remained stagnant between January and June at 72 points, but rose from 69 points in May.


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