brandAccording to new research from Randstad, the top three factors job candidates look at when choosing a new employer are 1) competitive salary and benefits 2) long-term job security and 3) pleasant work atmosphere.  The research comes from Randstad’s Employer Branding survey, which is is based on perceived attractiveness of companies from 7,000 students.

“Every company has an employer brand, whether cultivated or not,” said Jenny DeVaughn, Senior Director, Center of Expertise, Employment Branding and Social Media at Randstad Sourceright. “In this mobile, social media, and digital age, it is essentially a window into your organization. A strong employer brand can help a company boost its ability to attract, engage and retain high-performing employees, and in turn drive real bottom-line value in terms of enhanced productivity.”

To help employers optimize their employer brand, Randstad detailed what workers expect and want from a prospective employer. Key findings include:

  • More than half (52%) of workers want recognition for their good work
  • 51 percent of employees stressed the importance of open and honest communication
  • 49 percent of America’s workforce wants the respect of their colleagues
  • Just over half of workers find a job interesting when it makes good use of their existing skills, while 43 percent of employees are interested in the acquisition of new skills
  • 39 percent of American workers considered a job “interesting” when new ideas are valued

Randstad also offered some advice when it comes to “word of mouth” and building your employer brand:

  • Employers should research what people are already saying about the company when drafting a blueprint for their employer brand.
  • Company decision makers should use these digital conversations as an informal focus group and consider what’s being said online as a benchmark for their brand value.
  • Facilitate positive social mentions by encouraging current employees to serve as brand ambassadors.
  • Engage in dialogue with potential candidates to create an online talent community, which will establish a pre-employment connection with prospective employees.

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