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When looking for a new software system for your team of recruiters, the first step is to identify the core function that you wish to serve. Are you looking for a sales system for agency recruiters, a corporate applicant tracking system, or an end-to-end managed solution that encompasses everything from sourcing to on-boarding and performance management?

In the past few years, while the web has brought a certain level of simplicity and consolidation to software systems, it has also mired recruitment technology with scope creep and complexity. Systems that used to govern only one area of recruiting, for example sourcing, now many times encompass a very broad array of functions. Complicating the matter is integration with complex enterprise level systems such as Oracle and SAP, which set the bar high for recruiting technology vendors and can cause incredible difficulty with implementation.

Before setting out on the selection process for a new software system, it is therefore very important to narrow down the precise requirements. While it is easy for individual recruiters to rattle off desired features and for operations and technology to demand integration with corporate systems, it’s important to keep a laser-focus on the exact business need that you are looking to address.

Narrowing your Required Feature Set

Over the years, software for agency recruiters and software for HR and corporate talent acquisition have become intermingled. While there are certainly areas of core competence and functional “sweet spots” for these vendors, it’s important to understand that the required functionality will be different for every company. For example, your corporate recruiting department might be filled with ex-agency recruiters that demand a CRM-like system for keeping in touch with candidates. You may have sophisticated vendor management requirements instead of direct sourcing challenges, which would promote the use of a vendor procurement and relationship oriented system.

As it is important to narrow down your professional function, it is as important to consider a wide variety of systems that complement your individual recruiting needs. Don’t pay attention to the marketing focus of the vendor – instead, judge the system by the core functions that it performs very well – do these address your daily needs?

Major Vendors of Recruiter Software

There are literally hundreds of software vendors that cater to recruiters. The implementation options, feature set, integration capabilities, and cost vary widely. However, because recruitment software should often not be selected just by the function of your team, but rather by the core feature set that you need, it’s difficult to narrow it down by simple job title designation (i.e, this software is meant for recruitment agencies, this other one is meant for talent acquisition.) Instead, here is a simple list of some of the major recruiting software vendors to check out – in simple alphabetical order. Additionally, we should say that some vendors may be current or past advertisers on, but they have been given no special ranking.

This list includes services that provide comprehensive applicant tracking and recruitment CRM solutions, not specialized technology for things like video interviewing, assessment, or compliance tools. The best way to use this list is to simply run through the websites listed and see what catches your eye. Collect a list of five or ten vendors and then start lining up demos with you and your recruiting team.

  1. ADP
  2. Akken
  3. BlackDog
  4. BrightMove
  5. Bullhorn
  6. Cats Software
  7. cBizSoft
  8. CornerStone
  9. eBoss
  10. Enwisen
  11. First Advantage
  12. Hirebridge
  13. HRMDirect
  14. iApplicants
  15. iCIMS
  16. Intuit QuickBase
  17. JobDiva
  18. Jobvite
  19. Lawson
  20. Linkedin
  21. MaxHire
  22. myStaffingPro
  23. Newton Software
  24. nowHire
  25. OmniStar
  26. OneWire
  27. Oracle
  28. PC Recruiter
  29. PeopleFluent
  30. PeopleTrak
  31. RedMatch
  32. Saba
  33. Sendouts
  34. Silkroad
  35. Simplicant
  36. SmartRecruiters
  37. StaffingSoft
  38. Talent Technology
  39. Taleo
  40. TheResumator
  41. Top Echelon
  42. UltimateSoftware
  43. Zoho Recruit

For more detailed information about recruiting software, please visit our comprehensive resource page, with hundreds of articles, information on selecting software, and tools to search recruitment software vendors.

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