social mediaWANTED Analytics has reported that, throughout the last three months, over 2,700 job postings for recruiters required candidates to have social media skills and experience.

With the growing presence of social media in more business processes, companies are looking to hire more social media savvy recruiters; 40 percent more year-over-year and 191 percent over 2010, according to the report. Recruiters are also typically required to have experience in a number of other technological tools, especially for those recruiting positions involved with sourcing candidates for tech jobs. Some of the most common job requirements for recruiters include:

• Microsoft Office

• Applicant tracking software

• Time management software

• Microsoft PowerPoint

• Project management software

• Negotiation skills

• Microsoft Word

• Oracle HRIS

• Business development skills

• Knowledge of software development

The cities most frequently recruiting recruiters with social media skills include New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC, Boston, and Los Angeles. Employers in New York City placed the most jobs ads for the talent pool, the highest over-the-year growth was found in Los Angeles which saw a 73 percent growth in demand compared to the same period in 2011. The best markets for recruiting candidates with social media skills include Rochester, NY and Milwaukee, WI.

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