recruitment rocket launchesUnlike traditional recruiting agencies, newly minted, Canada-based Recruitment Rocket is founded on recorded video interviews. Like other employment agencies, Recruitment Rocket sources candidates, reviews resumes, and provides notes to employers, but the company also instructs top candidates to answer a set of interview questions from their own computer with equipped webcam. Those responses, which are recorded at a candidate’s leisure, are then shared with an employer for follow up.

“Resumes are fine when it comes to evaluating more concrete requirements such as level of education, and number of years of experience. However, the video comes in very handy for evaluating softer traits such as communication skills, sales ability and the ability to perform under a bit of pressure,” states lead recruiter, Matthew Hart. “It also works out very well for candidates. Simply by virtue of having completed the videos, candidates put themselves ahead of the pack, as they have demonstrated that they are willing to go the extra step to secure employment.”

The difference between Recruitment Rocket and other recruitment agencies that use live video applications such as Skype is that the company uses a proprietary, in-house, schedule independent, video interviewing solution. And while the solution is designed to be a good fit for multiple industries, CEO Craig Brown comments that:

“The biggest uptake seems to be for sales & marketing jobs, as well as office positions including administrative, bookkeeping, and HR functions.” He goes on to say that “given the nature of our offering, location is not the hurdle it is for other recruitment agencies. Candidates and employers can be located anywhere there is an internet connection. We serve the entire US and Canadian marketplace.”


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