careerexpo virtual hiring eventsRight Management’s CareerExpo virtual hiring platform provides real-time interactions between employers looking to hire and large numbers of skilled job seekers. Right CareerExpo is available through Right Management’s outplacement solutions and gives employers no-cost access to skilled candidates across geographies, industries and skill sets.

“Right CareerExpo gives employers a free, leading-edge opportunity to connect virtually with multiple numbers of qualified job seekers to facilitate faster time to value when hiring for open positions,” said Bram Lowsky, Right Management’s group executive vice president and global head of career management. “At the same time, job applicants gain access to real-time job leads that often are not advertised to the general public. Our clients know that Right CareerExpo offers the competitive edge their transitioning employees need during a critical time.”

Right CareerExpo virtual hiring events are held weekly and include a mix of virtual career fairs within targeted industries and geographies. Candidates and employers interact directly through private messaging, group networking and webcast presentations. The fairs help job seekers and hiring managers establish immediate contact, set up interviews and share information quickly and easily, allowing for faster hiring decisions.

Right Management career coaches help candidates maximize virtual connections through training sessions that not only introduce them to the virtual environment, but also coach them on how to best present themselves to hiring managers and recruiters. Combining training sessions with professional coaching and networking resources ensures candidates are prepared to effectively communicate their professional goals and personal brand as they interact virtually.

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