saashr adds enhanced applicationsSaaShr, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kronos Company, has announced a set of enhancements to its workforce management platform. SaaShr’s suite of workforce management apps caters to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), bringing enterprise-level applications through a network of service providers.

Enhancements to the workforce management suite include:

• The capability for mass edits, enabling simultaneous edits to multiple clients and streamlining back-end administration.

• Better payroll support for multiple employer identification numbers (EINs), helping organizations consolidating reporting across locations or from within a parent company. Billing may also be consolidated, avoiding the process of setting up each location as a separate organization.

• The time and attendance solution is improved to support multiple employee breaks each shift, and offers expanded support for California Meal Break compliance.

• Online educational materials and training through the Ancillary Product and Service Marketplace.

Zachary Utracht, senior director of SMB partner channel at SaaShr, said, “The latest updates to the SaaShr platform will continue to position partners to succeed in their respective industries. Enhanced payroll support and additional training and education provide more value than ever to end-users.”


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