select atsEmployee assessment and hiring solutions provider, Select International, has announced the impending release of a major upgrade to its applicant tracking system, SelecTrak. While continuing to support all of Select International’s prior assessment tests, the new version also includes improved health monitoring, systems auditing, enhancements to the administrative platform, expedition of support alls, and a system-wide ranking and search system. Other of Select International’s testing platforms being updated with this release includes the Select Assessment platforms for Leader Development, Leaders & Professional Development, Professionals, and Nursing. The graphical interface of SelecTrak is also receiving a facelift with a complete visual overhaul of the candidate-facing portal.

“These upgrades are just another step to support our philosophy of continuous improvement,” said Lou Simon, Director of Technology Development at Select International. “Making the system easier for candidates and more effective for clients is always the end goal.”

SelecTrak helps employers identify, select, and develop workforce production while providing a multitude of assessments including those for pre-employment, executives, online interview training, manufacturing, healthcare hiring, customer service, and other tests that aid in hiring and developing safe workers. SelecTrak has been shown to enhance the ability for organizations to differentiate among top applicants, reduce hiring costs, decrease turnover, increase workforce productivity, maintain consistency and legal defensibility, and assess skills, motivations, and the overall fitness of candidates in an applicant pool.

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