April 1, 2014

She Blinded Me With Science

blindfold walking among group of peopleThere is a real science, a developed methodology, in posting content to the internet. The problem is that it varies with every audience. You have to gauge your own audience because it is really not going to be the same as anyone else’s. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all have some type of “analytics” or “insights” tab. Use them. They will help you learn when your audience is seeing your posts, tweets, and pins.

Facebook Finders

Time decay. It sounds pretty bad; something you’d encounter in a black hole. But truth of the matter is, it doesn’t make as much of a difference as it used to. What is relevant to a post’s visibility is how often the viewer interacts with your page. If that’s not often, hate to break it to you, but that post won’t be seen. Have no fear; there are some solutions that will help boost engagement.

  1. The “See Insights” tab on your business Facebook page will give you fantastic insights into when your audience is the most engaged. Monitor it for a few weeks and see when is the best time for you to post for highest engagement.
  2. People are more likely to check their Facebook in the morning during the week.
  3. The MOST important way to get your posts to explode with activity is produce content that is explosion worthy.

Twitter Tips

We all have those friends, well people we follow, that tweet all day every day. With Twitter as the epitome of social mobility, they have their opinions at the tips of their fingers. People are 181 percent more likely to tap into their Twitter account during their commute home. Yes, we all know that texting (and the like) while driving is bad. But if you’re going to log in and read while you’re at a stoplight, reading tweets is the lesser of two evils. Why? Because they are short, sweet, and to the point. Most people are going to visit Twitter through their mobile device over their desktop.

  1. Engagement goes up on the weekends and the commute home. Track your audience involvement.
  2. Two hashtags work best in each post, don’t just limit it to one.
  3. Keep it short and sweet! Keeping it succinct and under 100 characters is more likely to get more engagement.

LinkedIn Learnings

It’s like a professional Facebook. But, people aren’t going to be looking at their LinkedIn, really, during non-professional hours. They don’t want to look at work related things when they are home between 6pm-10pm. So when is the best time to post to LinkedIn? During business hours… during the week. If you want higher visibility for your links on LinkedIn, don’t post on the weekends

  1. Don’t post on a Monday, as these are busy days getting the week started
  2. Post during business hours Tuesday-Thursday

Pinterest Pointers

Now… take a minute and just brainstorm how in the world Pinterest could be useful in a B2B marketing community. Give it another second. It’s hard isn’t it? But it can actually work. Pinterest thrives on imagery, that’s why it is hard to think how it could benefit the B2B community. You have visuals for your company. You have logos, promos, infographics. Use them. Hyperlink them. Once you pin an infographic for instance, someone repins it, then another person repins it, and the cycle continues. This is how Pinterest can work for you.

  1. Average visit is over 16 minutes, longer than any other social media site
  2. Use images from your last company event, strong visuals from your blog articles, infographics, data charts, book covers, and even photos of clients.
  3. As always, you will need to monitor your leads to see when is the best time to pin links to your boards.

It takes effort to post to all of these consistently. However, there are apps such as Buffer or HootSuite that make it easier to post on a regular basis. The key to social success: know your audience, post explosion worthy content, post often, and post regularly.

How often do you share? When is your audience the most active?

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Sarah Duke is a Content Creator at Red Branch Media, a marketing and advertising firm that serves the Human Resources and Recruiting markets. Red Branch Media has grown from a simple consultancy to a full-service B2B marketing agency. Duke brings a history of Public Affairs experience to Red Branch and enjoys writing about the HCM Marketplace.
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