For most recruiters, there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything this high-pressure position requires.  You put in extra time on the weekends and at night, but that only adds to the stress.

If you need some good news, here is it: With the right technology, it is possible to work more effectively without throwing quality – and your professional reputation – under the bus. Video-interviewing technology that’s designed specifically for hiring has many bells and whistles, as well as the core functionality that can speed up your day with little to no learning curve. This must-have innovation will help you work smarter and faster:

  • Get on the same page faster:  Ever produce a batch of amazing candidates only to receive lackluster response from your hiring manager? Turns out you two were never on the same page to begin with. What a colossal waste of time and effort – including a lot of weekends. When the video-interviewing technology is at hand, why not use it to “interview” your hiring team? What are they looking for? Who is the ideal candidate? Which incumbents serve as the model? Use the technology to get face-to-face and learn about the hiring manager and their department before spinning your wheels and going off track.
  • Dramatically reduce your scheduling tasks: Stop spending time trying to puzzle together the interview schedule. With a single click, you can now invite your candidates to select and reserve their own interview times. You set up the interview slots, candidates make their reservations online, and you receive an email and automatic Outlook calendaring. This technology should allow you to stagger panel interviews, too, shaving off hours of administrative work from your week.
  • Shorten up your pre-screening time: Pre-screening is a time drain, especially with high-volume recruiting. Go slow and you’ll never get through all of the candidates, but go fast and you risk missing your best hire ever. With on-demand interviewing, you get to know candidates much faster, in a format that’s easy to consume. When high-volume screening overtakes your week, create a small set of key questions. Ask candidates to answer them. Consider audio responses to make the turnaround even faster. Many clients use this as a super efficient way to replace phone screening when volume is overwhelming and time is of the essence. On-demand video interviewing technology makes it quick and easy to effectively review, rank, and forward the answers from high-potential talent to your hiring team.
  • Promote your brand and your opening through social media:Some video-interviewing solutions now produce a link that can be integrated with any social media outlet you choose. LinkedIn and other channels will efficiently spread the word about your position and your company and direct interested applicants straight into an on-demand video interview. It also helps level the playing field, so you can compete against the Disneys, Googles, and GEs of the world, even if your company isn’t as well-known.



Even with all of these strategies accelerating your efficiency Monday through Friday, there will be times when you can only reach that A-level candidate on a Saturday. When those situations occur, leverage your video-interviewing solution via mobile to help you get the job done and save your weekend.


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