simply hiredSimply Hired has announced the beta version of Simply Hired AdCenter, a self-service product allowing recruiters to easily advertise job listings on and its thousands of partner sites. The pay-per-click (PPC) job advertising solution lets employers reach relevant job candidates in a cost-effective and efficient way while maintaining full control on the management and optimization of their recruitment campaigns.

“The ‘paid search’ or ‘search engine marketing’ model transformed online advertising about 10 years ago by enabling marketers to place their ads in front of users as they searched for products and services. This innovation gave marketers the ability to drive measurable results from search engines without making huge investments and long-term commitments,” said James Beriker, president and CEO of Simply Hired. “Simply Hired is bringing this proven approach to the recruiting industry to provide a flexible and cost-effective way for employers to reach job seekers. We are extremely excited to be launching a self-serve solution that extends this very effective form of advertising to even more employers and agencies. We believe that this model will have the same transformative effect for employers as it did for online marketers.”

AdCenter brings the enterprise-level cost-efficiencies of Sponsored Jobs, to small and medium-sized companies in a self-service platform designed for easy account creation, funding, and uploading of job descriptions. AdCenter users can also set budgets, add, update, and delete jobs, review and manage applicants, and adjust cost-per-click bids for determining the position of each listing within search results and the volume of applicants – all from a single online dashboard.

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