arrows expandingJob search engine Simply Hired has released its February 2014 Employment Outlook report revealing nationwide job openings rose by 28.7 percent over the year but ticked down 1 percent over the month. Over 25 percent of all industries experienced growth with manufacturing producing the largest gains in job openings.

“Job openings are up nearly 30% when compared to last year and holding steady as we move into the New Year,” said James Beriker, CEO of Simply Hired. “Our February Employment Outlook shows ample opportunities for job seekers across a broad set of industries.”

Of the 18 industries in January, five of them reported an increase in job openings with real estate growing by 5.4 percent and manufacturing expanding its workforce by 5 percent. The biggest job losers for the month were agriculture (-18.2 percent), hospitality (-6.3 percent), and automotive (-6.1 percent).

Nine out of 23 occupation categories saw growth in job openings in January 2014, especially in manufacturing roles (12.9 percent). Those occupations with the largest declines for the month included educator (-8.6 percent) and law enforcement (-5.6 percent). Over a third of the top posting companies in January were from the healthcare industry but there were also significant numbers of job postings at academic institutions and in management consulting.


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