curated collection of effectiveness resourcesSkillsoft has introduced a new collection of resources for organizations to improve the professional effectiveness and skills of their employees. The Professional Effectiveness Collection aligns learning resources with topics and competencies needed for an individual to succeed in and advance their career, including communication, team building, and strategic planning skills.

“The Professional Effectiveness Collection was designed to meet the needs of the Learning Age, in which organizations must develop their workforce’s professional skills to sustain growth and remain competitive,” said Russ Howard, Senior Director of Product Management – Content Products at Skillsoft. “Whether it’s for employees who are new to the workforce or seasoned professionals who are taking on a new role or polishing their skills, learning is crucial for filling knowledge gaps and ensuring success for employees and their organizations. Skillsoft’s Professional Effectiveness Collection empowers individuals with a continuous learning solution that can be tailored to their needs while supporting broader business objectives.”

Skillsoft’s Professional Effectiveness Collection includes courses, digital books, and video content covering a range of topics from basic communication skills to business ethics. The collection includes dynamic video content that provides moment-of-need support for learners, as well as formal courseware for more structured learning. The content is flexible and scalable depending on an individual’s and organization’s needs and includes:

  • More than 130 courses comprising over 130 hours of instruction;
  • More than 100 hours of content from video-based vignettes and simulations;
  • Approximately 1200 videos covering more than 70 hours of content;
  • 2070 digitized, full-text books, including over 130 in audio format; and
  • Over 170 summaries of leading business publications.

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