SPARC logoSPARC’s SPARCIN is a first-of-its-kind interview management system designed to offer support for live interviews being conducted on mobile and desktop devices. The aptly named Live Interview is compatible with all browsers and devices and supports time and content management during real-time video interviews. The application’s layout displays detailed candidate information, the question currently being asked of the candidate along with potential answers, user ratings, notes, and a list of upcoming questions. Interviewers can modify on-screen information by adding, deleting, or swapping questions depending on the natural flow of the interview.

“We are extremely proud to bring Live Interview to market and excited to demo this capability to thousands of HR industry leaders. SPARCIN is fully geared to support your interview process, and Live Interview is a perfect example of that. The app allows you, as the interviewer, to focus on the candidate, while providing the tools you need to optimize your interview. It is an interviewing game changer,” said Jake Benardot, co-founder of SPARCIN.

“We came to the realization that quality interviews are not linear conversations. Effective interviews don’t just go straight down a checklist of questions. Interviews follow twists and turns, questions lead to follow up questions, and whole new areas of interest are often uncovered. Live Interview provides a way for interviewers to follow the natural progression of the conversation while continuously adding context and simultaneously ensuring that key topics and concepts are addressed,” explained Patrick Hutchinson, SPARCIN co-founder and lead developer.

SPARCIN can be purchased or demoed at SPARC’s corporate homepage.


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