custom welcome videoVideo-powered hiring network and video interviewing company Spark Hire has launched its Custom Welcome Video feature for One-Way Interview, the company’s solution for video recording candidate responses to an employer’s interview questions. The Custom Welcome Video enables employers to record a video via webcam or embed a pre-recorded YouTube video into One-Way Interview. The video then automatically plays before interview questions are presented to a candidate.

“We wanted to give employers an opportunity to introduce themselves to candidates before the interview and give a little more information about their company,” said Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “The Custom Welcome Video makes the One-Way Interview feel less one-sided because employers can really personalize their interview process.”

Additional benefits offered in Custom Welcome Video include:

• The engagement of candidates at the opening of the interview process.

• An early presentation of company culture.

• Providing candidates with additional information about the position for which they are applying.

Employers can also now choose to upload company logos and pick an appropriate color scheme for a more branded interviewing experience. The unlimited video, no contracts solution starts at $49 per month. Spark Hires video interviewing platform, along with the new Custom Welcome Video feature can be experienced firsthand by requesting a demo.


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