It’s tough to be an introvert sometimes. I’m speaking from experience here, being a proud member of that less-socially-brash clan myself.

One of the toughest situations to be in as an introvert is the company meeting. Meetings are necessary – they’re how collaboration happens, how people stay informed. But for introverts, meetings can also be super stressful. It can be hard enough to speak up in more casual group settings. During formal meetings, it only gets more difficult.

And then there’s your extraverted coworkers, who move the conversation along so quickly that your comments become irrelevant before you’ve even had time to formulate your thoughts.

But don’t worry, my fellow introverts. We are not doomed to suffer silently in meetings forever. That’s what this new infographic from On Stride Financial is here for. Check out “An Introvert’s Guide to Getting Your Voice Heard in a Meeting” below:


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