free work sampling appSpringfield Resources has announced the launch of a new, free work sampling app for iPhone and iPad, ISampler. As a work sampling tool, ISampler is designed to significantly reduce the time spent compared to manual work sampling methods. The mobile technology provides the following functionality for iPhones:

• Random phone ringing to alert user to record activities without the need for tabulation sheets.

• Included templates for recording activity through tapping instead of typing.

• View results from iPhone or iPad at any time with instant one-click reporting at any time during a study.

• Export details to Excel for more in-depth analysis without re-keying observations.

Work sampling uses random observations of people, machines, and process to provide estimates of how time is spent during work hours. ISampler automates the process through one-click data analysis and simple templates included with the app. The app also includes free training materials, guides, and case studies to instruct managers on how to adapt new techniques for their workplace.

ISampler can be used to resolve issues such as uncovering waiting time, rework time, and redundant activities, improving productivity, discovering how machine downtime affects time and production, and calculating the effects of improvements on productivity.

“ISampler is a powerful new tool for evaluating productivity in the workplace,” said Joel Levitt, President of Springfield Resources. “Using data from ISampler, anyone with access to an iPhone or iPad will now be able to make accurate decisions that enable them to positively affect job productivity.”


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