peopleWith many organizations turning to low-wage outsourcing to save costs while embracing cloud technology as a tool to simplify the outsourcing process, Co-founder and CEO Dr. Rob Rawson commented, “Cloud computing means businesses can use staff in low-wage countries for accounting, customer relations and back-office services.”

With the launch of, managers can monitor outsourced workers by the minute using cloud-based tracking software. After interviewing and hiring a candidate online, they can directly monitor what that employee is doing on their own computer, including software being used, the amount of time spent on personal web surfing, and the length of daily breaks. And every moment of monitored time is logged in the cloud paired with screenshots of each employee.

“The ability to monitor remote staff using ethical monitoring software that only tracks time at work, means that staff hired via are more accountable than if they were sitting in the same room as you.” Rawson said. “In the global marketplace businesses can’t escape the round-the-clock demand for real time support and interaction, which is why outsourcing is a no brainer…especially when you consider that it’s now possible to hire staff in the Philippines for as little as $3 to $4 an hour.”

In the name of transparency, employees are aware of when they are being monitored and the software only monitors behavior while an employee is logged in during work hours.

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