July 30, 2013

Study Compares Emergent vs. Traditional Companies, Employees Weigh In

puzzle piecesAccording to the Emerging Workforce Study by leading staffing company Spherion, only 13 percent of workers believe their company has put in more retention efforts compared to previous years. The study of 225 human resource managers and more than 2,000 working adults showed that workers believe their employers are more focused on recruitment efforts.

Using findings from the recent study, Spherion comprised three best practices for companies focused on adopting “emergent” or next generation practices for increased retention, engagement, motivation and productivity. They are:

1.. ADVANCE: Emergent companies most likely to offer career development programs

The study showed that just 28 percent of workers are extremely or very satisfied with their current growth and earnings potential, while 29 percent strongly agree that they have a clear understanding of the  opportunities for advancement that exist at their current organizations.

  • The data comparisons offerings between traditional and emergent companies:
  • Tuition assistance (56% traditional vs. 81% emergent)
  • Online career development tools (33% traditional vs. 64% emergent)
  • Mentoring (49% traditional vs. 84% emergent)
  • Individual career paths (36% traditional vs. 76% emergent)

2. ACCOMMODATE: Emergent employers are more likely to offer formal work/life balance programs

  • More than half (53 percent) of emergent companies offer flex time, compared to just 7 percent of traditional employers
  • Emergent employers are nearly six times (47%) as likely than traditional employers (8%) to offer telecommuting options
  • Thirty-five percent of emergent companies offer paid time off for community service compared to 12 percent of traditional employers
  • One-in-four emergent employers (25%) offer sabbaticals, compared to just 4 percent of traditional companies

3. ASSOCIATE: Emergent companies are nearly twice as likely as traditional employers to use most social media

  • Sixty percent of emerging employers have a social networking strategy versus 30 % of traditional companies.


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