business graphAccording to the 2014 Emerging Workforce Study, workers perceive job hopping as damaging to a person’s career success and believe being loyal to one employer pays off in the long run. The study of more than 2,000 U.S. workers, which was conducted  by Harris Poll on behalf of Spherion Staffing Services, showed that 61 percent of respondents feel that “changing jobs every few years is usually damaging to a person’s long-term career advancement.” The survey results also showed that 63 percent of workers agreed that long-term career advancement depends on staying with an employer for a long time.

“The results from our Emerging Workforce Study speak to how the economy has changed the workplace,” said Spherion Division President Sandy Mazur. “Before the recession, it wasn’t uncommon to see workers dedicate years of service to one employer. However, during the recession, workers defined their loyalty to their company as the contributions that they made to their workplace, which in turn, helped them market themselves and their experience when job security was uncertain and massive layoffs occurred. Now, as the economy rebounds, workers have had a taste of job stability, and they like it.”

Survey highlights include:

  • 70 percent of workers agreed that their level of commitment to their employer depends on the likelihood of long-term job security, which is the highest percentage in the survey’s 15 years.
  • 83 percent of workers agreed that “loyalty is being willing to stay with an employer for a long haul,” while 62 percent felt “loyalty is not related to how long you stay with one employer, but to how big a contribution you are currently making.”
  • 79 percent of workers said they believe employers should take more responsibility in creating a defined career path for their employees.

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