jobs printAccording to a recent survey from DiscoverOrg, leading sales and marketing intelligence tool, healthcare ranked as the top IT industry for job growth in 2014. Three-quarters of respondents said healthcare would see the largest growth in IT jobs, while 52 percent said software development and 27 percent said banking/financial services.

Other key survey findings of the staffing report include:

  • Mobile developer/mobile app developer, business intelligence developer and big data engineers/architects were the top three emerging IT titles in 2014
  • 45 percent of respondents listed “reaching the right person” as the number one challenge listed, followed by “identifying open opportunities” (20 percent) and “identifying a company’s key players” (13 percent)
  • Sales, IT staffing, software developers and networking professionals had the highest turnover rates; C-level executives saw the lowest turnover rate.
  • 47 percent of respondents said the cost of placing an IT executive was $10,000 or above, while 20 percent placed the cost at $50,000 or above
  • The majority of respondents (62%) said they specialized in IT staffing, followed by healthcare/medicine and finance/accounting (both 19 percent) and engineering (14 percent)
  • A whopping 70 percent said of those surveyed said they used a CRM system, followed by recruiting software (62%) and sales intelligence tools (44%).

“With the IT industry in a constant state of flux, we felt that recruiters and staffing firms were in a unique position to provide valuable insights into the current state of affairs in terms of job growth, in-demand positions and turnover,” said Henry Schuck, co-founder and CEO of DiscoverOrg. “That’s why we decided to conduct this survey and share the results, which I believe both IT and staffing professionals will find useful. The survey also highlighted the critical importance of having good contact data and solid sales intelligence, as the top three challenges reported by recruiters were related to those areas.”

View the full report here.


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