December 19, 2012

Survey: U.S. Workers More Optimistic about Jobs, Economy in 2013

jobs printAccording to a recent survey by employment services provider Randstad U.S., the nation’s workers reported that when it comes to jobs and the economy, they are hopeful for a better year in 2013.

According to the survey of 3,417 full-time employed adults aged 18 and older, 57 percent of workers believe they are likely to receive a raise in 2013, an increase of 10 percent from last year. More than half (59 percent) of employees believe the job market will pick up in the New Year. Employees also have confidence in their companies, with 47 percent predicting that their employers will increase their workforce in 2013 and 30 percent believing they will receive a promotion— up seven and six percent, respectively, from October 2011.

“The outlook for next year certainly looks brighter for most employees. With the election and economic issues at home and abroad, a cloud of uncertainty had caused many employees to remain skeptical around future jobs and employability in 2012,” said Jim Link, managing director of human resources for Randstad US. “Today we see employees are very positive about their future prospects and are hopeful to regain any economic momentum lost. As optimism increases, employee engagement will be increasingly important for companies’ retention efforts. This is why it is so valuable for employers to analyze and understand what motivates their most important asset—talent.”

Other findings include:

  • Just 16 percent of employees believe they will get a pay cut in 2013, down eight percent from last year
  • 41 percent of employees believe their company will cut back on benefits in 2013, down six percent from 2011
  • Only a third of employees, 33 percent, believe their company will lay people off in the new year
  • Just shy of half (47 percent) of workers feel the economy has negatively impacted their careers
  • 15 percent of workers believe they might lose their jobs, a drop of five percent from 2011.
  • Most employees (78 percent) believe their companies have a great future.

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