December 10, 2013

Talemetry Agency Solution Shares Open Jobs with Third-party Recruiting Agencies

solutions shares jobs with third-party recruitersRecruiting software company Talemetry Inc. has announced Talemetry Agency, a new module for the Talemetry Talent Generation Suite that allows recruiters to share open jobs with third-party recruiting agencies. Customized web portals are made available to recruiting agencies that can view open roles and submit candidates. Organizations can then search submitted candidates and rank them against candidates received from other sources.

Talemetry tracks candidates throughout the recruitment process, manages agency relationships, and eliminates candidate duplication to avoid paying for the same candidate more than once. With Talemetry Agency, organizations can also choose the recruiting agencies to use for each role and track the effectiveness of each agency. Recruiters can then use the candidate and agency management from Talemetry Agency with the Talemetry Source and CRM module to search, rank, and compare candidates simultaneously.

“Talemetry Agency helps organizations connect better with their agencies,” says Tim Lang, Talemetry SVP and Chief Product Officer. “For most organizations, the correspondence between recruiters and agencies is typically done through email, spreadsheets, or phone calls resulting in inconsistent candidate communication, expensive duplication of candidates, and increased tension between recruiting agencies and organizations. This tool makes work more efficient for both organizations and their agencies.”

Talemetry Agency further helps to manage recruiting budgets with its centralized management hub that monitors recruiting spend. Lang continues:

“”According to the latest research, global organizations spend over $80 billion on recruiting services every year to help them find the right candidate. Having a centralized place to manage the recruiting spend means that you can optimize your use of agencies while avoiding duplication of candidates so you won’t pay for the same candidate twice.”


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