October 16, 2014

Talentoday Announces Career Guidance Platform for Enterprise

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enterprise career guidance platformTalentoday, a psychometric, social and data-driven career guidance solution, has announced the launch of enterprise platform Talentoday Manager for using data and personal insights in career guidance in a manner designed to surpass the Myers-Briggs Indicator Assessment.

Registering for Talentoday for Everyone allows individuals to explore their personality and discover their assets with Talentoday’s assessment tools, for free. Talentoday’s assessment tool was developed by a scientific committee of affiliated members of the International Test Commission (ITC) and American Psychological Association (APA). The assessment measures both personality and motivations with an 11-minute ipsative questionnaire.

With Talentoday Manager, those looking to recruit or develop talent can assess the personality and motivations of candidates or employees, while ensuring best fit placement within the job, team and company culture. Talentoday Manager also addresses the following challenges:

  • Talentoday Manager allows recruiters to assess at scale and develop their candidate pool, increasing hiring success and resulting in higher retention (and lower turnover) in the long-run.


  • With data-driven coaching methodologies, HR professionals and managers can experience stronger engagement in their talent management programs.


  • Teams can access Talentoday’s scientific and user-friendly solution to develop teamwork and understanding, saving time with team fit assessments prior to coaching sessions.

“We want to help people know themselves and define their career paths,” said Pierre-François Verley, co-founder and CEO of Talentoday. “By delivering personal insights, we believe that everyone can make better career decisions based on their unique strengths, personality traits, and inner motivation sources.”

Talentoday Manager has pricing solutions including unlimited assessments starting at $104 per counselor per month or pay as you go.

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