WhisperBreaking news for recruiters: you should be using social media in your recruitment strategies!

Okay, so the newsflash wasn’t so newsworthy. It’s true that social media can either make or break your hiring game, and it’s even more true that every recruiter, hiring manager, and HR practitioner has heard about it at least a million different ways. With 78 percent of recruiters having hired through a social network and 95 percent planning to increase their social media hiring strategies, the practice isn’t a fading trend.

If all that still hasn’t convinced you to step up your social media game, then take a look at what these professionals have to say about the world of online networking.

“You can try to avoid all social media platforms, but you will run the risk of looking like someone who has something to hide — or worse, a relic: too old school to adapt.”Chris Fields, HR Consultant at ResumeCrusade.com

It may sound like branding is a marketer’s concern, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The most effective and believable brand image is one that is marketed by employees, clients, customers, and candidates, and you’d better believe that applicants are looking for talk. Last year, CareerBuilder reported that 62 percent of candidates turn to social media to make sure you are who you say you are. If they find sparse information, boring updates, or nothing at all, it will be easier to turn the opportunity away.

“It’s important to remember that a social media recruiting strategy will become a two-way conversation between the company and potential hires. Unlike traditional media or advertising, the goal is to create a conversation with potential candidates, not just push content to them.”Sharon Florentine, Staff Writer at CIO.com

It’s not enough to have social media accounts. If you’ve found yourself swimming in a sea of links, usernames, and handles that say nothing at all, you haven’t developed a strategy at all. Each network has different types of content or ways to promote yourself and company, so familiarize yourself with each one and how your industry is using them. Turn to Facebook and Instagram to show off team and company culture, LinkedIn for professional content sharing, and Twitter for all of it in short blurbs of 140 characters or less.

Social Recruiting is removing barriers to geography, companies, and people by utilizing Web communities to increase transparency about a company and/or its employment opportunities.” Chris Young, CEO & Co-founder of Async Interview

Not only is social media a great place for building repertoire and branding, it is perfect for solidifying company beliefs and missions. Social media networks offer a unique opportunity to show community support while directly answering inquiries for employment opportunities and creating dialogue on all of it.

“Social media is a powerful tool. As a company recruits and interviews candidates, social media can provide valuable information to help hiring managers make their decisions.” - Kevin Mason, Manager of Business Development at Genesis HR Solutions

Social media isn’t all about the candidate — though I don’t suggest letting them know that. It is becoming increasingly prevalent to tell the world every aspect of your life. What is made public is fair game for recruiters and hiring managers to look at and consider in their hiring decision. Don’t feel bad about it either, because two in five recruiters use social media as a pre-employment screening method.

Hiring the perfect candidate is hard and sometimes feels near impossible. Having a great presence on social networks might be just what is needed to get all the job seekers talking. If you and your team look knowledgeable, exciting, and successful, you will be encouraging talented people to apply.

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