global newsWeb-based applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM TargetRecruit has announced a proprietary plug-in that will allow staffing and recruitment companies to integrate their timesheet and expense management processes with top accounting applications. The plug-in enables users to streamline, operate, and manage the recruitment process, including financial operations, from a central, cloud-based solution. Major accounting applications supporting complete integration with the TargetRecruit plug-in include QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and other popular products.

The plug-in offers non-programmers the ability to easily customize and configure their cloud-based recruiting platform in order to create a paperless process, eliminating time-consuming data-entry duties, thus reducing the cost and entry errors associated with manual data entry. Additional benefits for staffing professionals include a one-click resource assignments to timesheets process, prebuilt templates, single click access to timesheet entry instructions and other details. Staffing companies may also choose to create their own custom templates for assignments. TargetRecruit is based on most popular worldwide cloud CRM,

“The industry of recruitment is highly competitive where minutes matter and redundancy is no longer a tolerated business practice. Some of the largest recruitment firms have chosen TargetRecruit as a total business solution because they understand that having the ability to access, track, manage and report on key business drivers from all business units is considered best practices in the industry. This includes time, expense, billing, and accounting. Better business processes create better business insight and decision-making and our customers agree,” said Reena Gupta, TargetRecruit CEO.

A video overview of TargetRecruit is available here.


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