You’ve heard the saying before: “People don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses.” While it may border on cliché at this point, it’s true. Roughly half of workers have quit a job because of their boss at some point in their career.

Anyone who has ever worked for a bad boss before knows just how frustrating the experience can be; the stat really comes as no surprise. However, not every instance of boss-employee misalignment means you’re dealing with a certifiably bad boss. Sometimes, it isn’t the boss’s fault at all.

There’s more than one way to be a manager, and employees don’t always have experience with each and every management style. It’s possible to end up in a situation where you’re having trouble with your boss not because the boss has no idea what they’re doing, but because you aren’t quite sure how to follow their lead.

In these situations, you could choose to seek employment elsewhere, but that may be a drastic response to a relatively simple problem. If you’re feeling some friction but not ready to run screaming for the hills, you may want to figure out how to best align yourself with your boss’s management style. Doing so starts with identifying what type of boss you’re dealing with.

Below, check out a new infographic from financial resource center Quid Corner that outlines six types of boss and offers tips on working well with each one. Hopefully you can find your boss on the list – and figure out how to build a functioning, rewarding relationship with them.

DESIGN - 6 types of bosses (and how to work for them)

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