newsWhat creates a team of workers that is committed to staying and improving a company?  Often, analysts look to employee engagement as a key component to workers’ continued commitment.  As people take on more responsibility, they must develop a deeper practice of leadership.

Bersin & Associates, a research and consulting firm, has announced new research that shows that organizations are now increasing investment in leadership development at all levels, and particularly in emerging and mid-level leaders.  This implies that even if an employee is new to a company, she might be able to qualify for funds to develop her career skills.

The research firm will analyze this push for leadership development during an upcoming Florida conference on April 27-8 called IMPACT 2011: The Business of Talent.

“We have entered what we call ‘the borderless workplace,’ an environment in which age, country, gender and organizational boundaries are going away,” said Josh Bersin, chief executive officer and president, Bersin & Associates.

“Our research shows that this new work environment has fundamentally changed the role of leadership.  Today’s high-performance leaders must focus on empowering employees at all levels, creating programs and incentives for knowledge sharing and innovation, and investing in globalized leadership development programs that reach professionals at all levels.  The borderless workplace has also transformed the role of recruiting and talent management:  HR and business leaders must now focus on building a global employment brand, cultivating new candidates through social networks, and driving employee engagement through career development and a focus on transparency at all levels.”

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