Rays Of Sunshine Breaks Through The CloudsWe’ve seen a lot of “breakthrough” HR technologies and tools in the last few years. Now that they have been picked through and put to the test, we are left with a handful that has proven to be effective and efficient enough to be truly embraced. Here are the ones that I know I will see doing great things in the future of HR and recruiting.

1. Talent Analytics

Recruiters and HR departments are flocking to make talent analytics technology a part of their recruiting process. For several years recruiters and HR professionals were buzzing about big data, the power it holds, and our new found ability to create these amazing profiles of endless numbers of candidates. The problem was that no one really knew what to do with all that data. They really just talked about how to get it, and then speculated about what could happen next.

What happened next was talent analytics firms and technology came to the rescue. Case study after case study comes back with surprisingly high stats on lowered retention rates after implementing talent analytics in their sourcing, recruiting and hiring practices. This is an exciting field, and one that I intend to follow closely as it evolves.

2. Video Interviewing

Video or virtual interviewing is here to stay. It is amazing how this simple tool has caught on in such a huge way. An Office Team study that I came across found that more than 63 percent of HR managers interviewed said their company often conducts employment interviews via video.

This is one of those tools that combat the issue of technology dehumanizing the hiring process. Video interviewing actually gets people face-to-face faster and in a more convenient manner, and after all, that is exactly what humans want.

We have also seen how this tool has progressed and its features have become incredibly robust (buzzword alert!). From incredible mobile capabilities, to adding customizable branding through the platform, video interviewing companies have really taken this tech to the next level. I like to call this putting butter on a pop-tart –when you take a great thing, and make it even better with another great thing. Seriously though, you should try it.

3. Apply with LinkedIn Button

We’re obsessed with this tool, and got our own applicant tracking software on this bandwagon as soon as possible. A Hire Right study found that 74 percent of individuals would abandon a career site if it didn’t load within 5 seconds. Candidates need to be able to apply easily and quickly, or they’ll go elsewhere. This tool has been embraced like crazy for several reasons.

From the candidate’s perspective, they couldn’t dream of an easier, more inviting process to apply. We have found that the candidate experience is greatly improved with this feature.

From the employer’s perspective, they can obtain the big picture on each candidate, in a simple, clean and easy–to-digest format as the candidate’s LinkedIn information is processed and organized by the ATS. Furthermore, this type of public resume deters the very common issue of falsifying facts or history on a resume or application. This is another win-win tool that you can expect to see get even more popular.

At only three, this short list has made a huge impact on the world of HR and recruiting. These tools make it possible for HR professionals and recruiters to get back to the people matters in recruiting and in the organization. While some might speculate that HR tech is taking the human out of human resources, I contend that powerful and effective tools like these do exactly the opposite.

This story is a part of Recruiter.com’s 2014 Recruitment Technology Trends series.

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