March 21, 2016

The Recruiting Reel: What to Hire for Other Than Skill (With Sarah Dabby)


Editor’s Note: The new recruiting-focused video series The Recruiting Reel is the brainchild of host and Spark Hire CEO Josh Tolan. We are pleased to announce that, going forward, Tolan will be publishing new episodes of The Recruiting Reel here on In the meantime, we’re sharing past episodes with our audience. So sit back and relax – you’re in for a great show!

The hiring process can be difficult, particularly because there are so many qualities that make a good candidate. There’s a lot to consider when sourcing, screening, and hiring!

When it comes to selecting new talent, hiring professionals often focus on a candidate’s skill set, but that’s not the whole story. Great hires are about more than technical skills.

So, what else should recruiters and hiring managers look for in new hires? Tune in to hear what our featured expert, Sarah Dabby, has to say about the subject.

Sarah Dabby is the head of talent at ClickTime, a time- and expense-tracking application serving thousands of organizations around the world. Dabby has gained experience by recruiting talent for ClickTime and by connecting with people in many different settings, from ClickTime’s headquarters in San Francisco to other competitive areas like Denver, Austin, and London.

Skill is definitely a key trait you should look for in new employees, but what is most crucial? Hear what Sarah believes is most important to look for when pursuing new talent:

What else do you look for in new candidates? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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