womanInequality among men and women in the workplace continues to be a major issue. Women desire equal roles, equal rights…and an equal salary. Yet, according to the infographic from Levo League, a career destination for Gen Y women, and former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine Kate White, women have the tendency to shy away from salary negotiation, which can lead lower salaries and a loss of potential earnings overall.

The infographic, Get the Salary you Want: 9 Failproof Tricks, offers women nine steps to take to ensure they secure the compensation they desire. The steps include:

  1. Play Detective: Visit websites that offer salary information, such as salary.com, and ask around to get a sense of the job.
  2. Determine the zone of possible agreement (ZOPA): This is the intersection of the range of salary a company offers and the range you’ll be happy with.
  3. Don’t name  a number: Wait for the company to first bring salary into the discussion.
  4. Announce the salary when they offer you the job: Repeat the salary they’ve offered you as you let the company know how happy you are to work there
  5. Add: After telling the company you’re pleased to accept the job, be sure to add that you were hoping for X amount of salary. This number should be the highest from your ZOPA.
  6. Shut up…and wait
  7. When the company counter offers with another number, assess the mood: If you think you can negotiate further, continue to ask them to meet in the middle at a different number.
  8. Don’t stop: Nail down other forms of compensation, such as signing bonuses and moving expenses.
  9. If the first offer is firm: This is the time to ask your employer what additional benefits they can offer.

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