businessman with financial symbols coming from handThey say an organization is only as good as its people. Anything that goes into recruiting the best talent available in the market is therefore the first valuable investment towards building a successful organization. Many organizations have a January 1st fiscal year, which means there is an opportunity to improve a process, fix something that is broken or invest in something new.  Here are three areas with the best return on investment that employers could consider to invest in the recruitment function.

1)   Mobile Compatible Careers Page: Not to exaggerate, but new-age mobile phone technology has made a lot more possible.  For instance, it opens up a new demographic of candidates who are constantly on the go, don’t have access to a computer or are passively looking at new positions.

A careers page designed to be appealing, user-friendly and compatible with mobile phones provides a great interface for job seekers to connect with recruitment professionals. Research indicates that about 70 percent of job seekers use mobile technology to search for jobs; and with rapid technological advancement, the figure is only destined to improve. After all, latest developments in mobile technology have surpassed traditional desktops and laptops in their ability to reach out to users in the most convenient and unique way possible. The premise is that companies need to adapt themselves to the needs of the generation, and this is precisely why those not exploiting mobile technology for recruitment may be left far behind in the competitive market.

2)   Video Interviewing: With speed and the need to get the best candidate for the job (quality) being two major key performance indicators of recruitment managers, video interviewing comes as a great way to save time and money, but also create a fun and engaging process for candidates! Video interviewing solutions not only make effective collaboration possible but also provide a high return on investment. The interviewer and interviewee can connect on a video platform even as they are geographically dispersed and save costs associated with logistics and administration for the company. With long distance and international interviews becoming easier and more cost effective thanks to video interviewing, the tool is catching on and quickly moving into the mainstream.

3)   Hiring software: While hiring software may not be something new at your organization, your particular software may be old…very old.  Newer systems are more focused on SoMoClo (social, mobile and cloud).  In addition, newer systems have much better reporting capabilities allowing you and your team to have more insight into the process so you can continue to make changes and improvements along the way.

Where is there room for improvement in your organization?  How about investing in something that can provide you a ROI before the end of the year?  While the top three areas were listed, in my opinion, I’m sure there are others that are trending.  What other areas are you investing in this year and what ROI are you expecting?

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