flipping magazine pageIn its “2013 Business Trends: Year in Review” infographic, MyCorporation.com has identified the top business trends in the U.S. for the year. Based on data including over 100,000 businesses formed, the study identified micro-sized businesses as the largest area of business growth in 2013. Micro-sized businesses were followed by extra-large Fortune 500 companies. Business were surveyed on their predictions for the economy in 2014 and expectations for growth were strong.

About two-thirds of businesses expect to experience increased growth opportunities and 53 percent plan to hire more workers. Another 35 percent predict an improvement in the general business marketplace next year. Of privately-held businesses that were polled, 57 percent reported to be looking for sales and marketing skills sets in employers. The top growing industries in 2014 reported by MyCorporation.com include tutoring, mobile app, and web design, all expected to rise by $25 to $202 billion.

“The end of the year is an exciting time to look back and reflect, as well as to project what the upcoming year will look like. Overall, small businesses are seeing great opportunity and growth in 2014, and that is exciting for businesses like ours that help to support the establishment and growth of those new businesses,” said MyCorporation.com’s CEO, Deborah Sweeney.


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