hr chalkboardAs we head into 2013, here are a handful of the biggest anticipated trends in the workplace for the next year. expects flextime and telecommuting to continue their growth given the beneficial effects these features have shown for both retention and employee health. Real-world experience has shown both workplace allowances to save employees money and give them a better sense of control over their personal lives while also granting employers novel savings opportunities and increased production resulting from raised morale.

Online hiring, especially video interviewing, is expected to gain more popularity in 2013 as 63 percent of HR professionals conduct interviews online at least “somewhat often,” according an OfficeTeam study. Not to mention that a recent Elance Global Business Survey found that 85 percent of small businesses perceive a competitive advantage from hiring online.

Small businesses should also become more competitive as on-demand businesses and online freelancing firms are giving small businesses access to employee pools allowing them to better compete with larger companies. Small businesses are more frequently using temporary or freelance workers on an as-needed basis leading to considerable savings and a more agile workforce.

“The staffing industry is ripe for disruption and the fundamental drivers of online work’s growth – instant access to high quality talent, speed of hiring and cost savings – align with business needs of all sizes,” said Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance. “When you pair the category’s fundamentals with recent trends on Elance, it’s clear that online work is primed for explosive growth in 2013.”

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