getting salespeople on boardSales jobs website has revealed the results of its recent 2012 Sales Hiring Trends Report, and the data does not look promising for employers looking to hire salespeople this year. Despite the still high national unemployment rate, the number of sales professionals seeking jobs has continued to drop leading to the real threat of a talent shortage within the field. And most participants in the survey reported intentions to increase sales staff this year, indicating that businesses will face even heavier competition in attracting potential sales employees.

“In 2012, we project that the pressure on sales leaders and HR managers to recruit, hire and retain high-performing sales professionals will become much more intense than over the past five years,” says Jeb Blount, CEO of Sales Gravy. “Based on our quantitative findings, and conversations with our own clients, we believe that many businesses are unprepared to compete in an all-out war for sales talent that will occur when demand for salespeople outstrips the available pool of qualified candidates.”

While the report may signal a period of optimism for sales job candidates, the hiring and retaining of sales professionals could become a major hassle for employers who rely on the strength of their sales staff to push product. Companies with large sales staff requirements may find 2012 a difficult time to grow and take advantage of the accelerating economy.

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