tracker logoTracker Corp. specializes in delivering hiring compliance solutions for large organizations and has recently announced full compliance of its electronic I-9 and E-Verify product with the newly revised Form I-9 published by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Tracker I-9 now automatically presents the newly added fields along with the software’s standard tools tips. The in-product document selector presents each new field (relating to foreign passports) as needed.

“Tracker I-9 is built with sophisticated compliance logic that extends well beyond valid number formats and on-time form completions,” said Brian Fancher, Director of Product and Best Practices for Tracker Corp. “When Form I-9 or E-Verify requirements change, our team works through all the possible compliance scenarios, implications and contingencies. We then build this new compliance logic into the product, so our customers stay compliant without having to work up any new compliance logic themselves.”

“Many of our customers have over 10,000 hiring managers processing I-9s for their new hires,” said Tim Danison, Tracker Corp CEO. “Large enterprises use Tracker I-9 for complete compliance, across the enterprise. Tracker I-9 provides the most comprehensive and flexible I-9 and E-Verify automation, and keeps customers current as new laws and regulations go into effect.”

In addition to providing an automatically updated electronic I-9 compliance solution, Tracker I-9 provides managers with tips and prompts to ensure perfectly generated I-9 documents across an organization. The program also offers automatic error detection and correction steps to keep I-9 forms completely accurate. HR teams may also monitor and control the compliance process centrally and efficiently.


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