finger touching virtual screenSoftware developer Automation Centre has announced an update to, the company’s library of online project management applications for project management, billing, CRM, HR, and reporting. The new version now supports mobile accounting, help desk and CRM tools, email tracking, and customizable security options. now lets users submit expense reports and support tickets from their mobile devices while also gaining the capabilities to update and review customer information remotely.

The update also brings improved email integration and tracking. Users can now receive automatic real-time project updates, expense reports, requests for time off, and more. Email is deeply integrated with common clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, and others.

“Leaders won’t have to lift a finger to get the business intelligence they need,” said Steven Birchfield, founder of Automation Centre. “With this update, we automatically take care of the email clutter that decision makers would normally sift through. We bring actionable updates straight to project leaders so they can stay focused on their goals.”

Security features have also received enhancements with new customizability and flexibility. It is now possible to perform such security tasks as restricting access to specific tabs (e.g. those that detail productivity, billing, budgeting, and other sensitive information) while granting employees full use of needed features.

“The goal of this update was to make the Cloud easier and more accessible for our users,” said Birchfield. “To be truly accessible, web-apps need to function on both mobile devices and traditional computers. We’re excited that TrackerSuite.Net now provides that service.”


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