newsTwitter just crossed a massive milestone. The social media network now has over 200 million accounts

While this is great news for the company, it does raise some interesting questions about the numbers -  how many of these accounts are still active? Or even used with relative frequency? How many are accounts are just bots spamming regurgitated content around?

It goes on. Facebook takes its blows now and then for the same probing questions, but it doesn’t really matter. Twitter has passed the social media longevity test. Users like the service and they’re going to keep using it.

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has steadily gained users and garnered media attention for its ability to break high profile stories before traditional media. The Osama Bin Laden raid instantly comes to mind.

Even The President of the United States is using Twitter now.

But in the beginning there were doubts. Naysayers said it wouldn’t last. What’s the value in a 140 character message?

A lot, apparently.

Among recruiters, Twitter has become an important tool for building relationships online. It allows users to promote themselves as thought leaders in the space and connect with clients and candidates faster than traditional communication lines. Posting jobs is just another part of the equation.

So while there may not be actually 200 Million Twitter users, we should still celebrate the service as a valuable asset in the recruiter’s toolbox.

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