business graphThe 2013 Workforce Trends Study, released by Yoh, has revealed that 80 percent of major U.S. employers foresee hiring levels at or in excess of the rate of hiring in 2012. And of the companies planning to ramp up hiring this year, 83 percent expect an increase of at least 3 percent. Such companies are experiencing talent demand organization-wide but especially in IT, sales, and operations and production.

On the opposite side, the Yoh survey found that 44 percent of those companies not expecting to increase hiring blame too much economic uncertainty on their self-imposed restrictions. Another 44 percent said that they have already obtained a staffing level that meets or exceeds their needs.

“The optimism evident in our 2013 Workforce Trends Study is tempered by persistent economic uncertainty and operational efficiency that has reduced demand for workers,” Lori Schultz, president of Yoh, said. “In addition, as the workforce grows more complex through, for example, the use of contract labor, a majority of organizations will be left flat-footed since they haven’t adjusted their workforce planning habits to account for this complexity. Organizations must scrutinize their workforce plans and design them to address the lingering economic uncertainty and increased complexity of the workforce. Now more than ever, systematic workforce planning will be crucial to quickly sourcing, recruiting, and hiring top performers.”

Other key findings include:

• 45 percent of companies believe their hiring plans for 2013 will be hampered by ongoing budgetary battles taking place in Congress;

• 27 percent said that Obamacare will suppress hiring levels;

• 81 percent of survey respondents said quality of talent is the most important factor when hiring though 91 percent have experienced recruitment challenges in fitting their talent needs;

• 67 percent of employers expect to use temporary or contract workers during 2013; and

• Despite recruitment difficulties, 61 percent of respondents still expect to handle all recruitment needs internally.


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