office bleepster improves productivityFree iPad app Office Bleepster has been updated to version 2.0, representing improvements in handling office interruptions through organization-wide communication channels and pre-scripted messages. Office Bleepster uses wifi networks, Bluetooth, and Twitter to connect users around the world. The new release also now supports background notifications.

Office Bleepster comes with 25 pre-made instant messages representing questions and replies accessible with a single button press. Message notifications take the form of any of 30 sounds with custom “bleeps” easily programmable by users. With single button communications capabilities, information exchange is discreet while offering users the ability to construct longer text messages when the need arises. In this way, the new tool avoids interruptions while providing faster communications for a wide variety of situations.

Paul Brooks, the developer of Office Bleepster and CEO of Peakland Innovation Group, commented, “Over the years I tried to duplicate an effective messaging system but became frustrated using email, AIM, Office Communicator, pagers, intercoms and other instant messaging tools. None of these provided the ability to seamlessly handle office intrusions without the visitor or person on the phone being part of the exchange with my assistant.”

Brooks added, “My assistant loved Office Bleepster because it is very effective, we no longer need to shout back and forth across the office and she got a free iPad because of this app. Office Bleepster increased my productivity, effectiveness, and allows me to respond to interruptions without losing my train of thought or offending someone.”


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