continents on purple backgroundTalent management solutions provider SHL has announced the results of its inaugural Global Leadership study that seeks to provide a view of the leadership potential of various countries around the world. The study identifies the top 25 countries continuing the highest supplies of leaders proportionate to workforce. While the U.S. was ranked no. 5 in the world in leadership potential, it is facing heavy competition from countries such as Mexico and Brazil, which are anticipated to push the U.S. further down the list in succeeding studies.

The study identified five countries that currently have the greatest sources for potential future leaders. The countries include: Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, Switzerland, and Brazil. Other top ranked regions, such as the UK and Hong Kong, are quickly falling out of the top 20 in the wake of surging Central and South America.

“While the study suggests a moderate slide in US rank from 5 today to 8 tomorrow – the bigger issue is the risk of falling into a steady declining trend in our supply of leaders, especially as domestic-based companies continue to expand internationally to compete in the global economy,” explained Caroline Paxman, President of the Americas for SHL. “In order to survive, no less grow, US companies need to employ programs to better identify leaders of the future – and become more competent in analyzing and sourcing international talent pools to find them.”

The five guidelines offered by SHL for developing successful leadership include:

• Make leadership development a priority and create an action plan. Define the skills of a successful leader.

• Gauge leadership potential on a variety of variables, not just performance.

• Don’t use gut instinct when choosing leaders. Use scientific benchmarks to rate talent against the talent of competing firms.

• Avoid waiting on yearly reviews to employ development interventions and apply interventions at weak points both at the individual level and throughout the organization.

• Use creative strategies to source talent from anywhere in an organization in order to fill leadership gaps.


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