trainingVado, the newest content provider for Mastery Technologies Inc. has announced the release of a series of learning activities designed for employees at all organizational levels. The learning activities aim to help create higher productivity and overall job satisfaction in order to ultimately create more engaged and loyal employees. Vado’s offerings also complement many of the courses offered on, a web-based library of full-length on-the-job training videos.

Each activity is developed around five core elements that help people learn and retain information more efficiently. These elements include:

• A summary description of the action which describes the topic, the intended audience (management, non-management, executive), the intended results, video length, and implementation time of the action.

• The instruction video provides a content introduction that explains the importance of the action and how learners can implement the action on the job.

• The implementation guide is a PDF file that fully explains the required actions a learner must take in order to guide him or her to complete the action.

• An additional job aid Word document is available to further assist learners with action completion.

Since application typically leads to better conceptual understanding, learners practice new skills in real job situations. As skills develop, job performance improves. And since Vado activities are learned at work, learners can immediately take on-the-job actions to help build target skills. Activity videos are available for few on desktops and mobile devices.

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