update to workforce optimization softwareVestrics, a leading provider of workforce optimization software, has announced the release of Vestrics Uncover, a new software update including time-saving functionality that enables HR and L&D departments to accomplish the work of a data analyst, without the added cost and time constraints.

Vestrics Uncover improves human capital investments by providing the ability to quickly and visually link talent investments to business outcomes. Uncover puts big data to work and pin-points where investments are working. It shares the data story with dynamic visualizations. By also understanding where investments are not working, Uncover presents the opportunity to modify investments in order to improve them.

With Uncover, Vestrics adds functionality that ranks the relationships between investments and talent metrics, showing the strongest to the weakest, guiding the user to explore the most powerful relationships that influence business impact.

“We are very excited to provide the industry with functionality that will not only help users with everyday tasks, but equip them to optimize their human capital investments. The evolution of Vestrics has been amazing and we plan to build on the platform we have created to continue to offer our clients the best workforce optimization tool,” said Founder and CEO of Vestrics, Gene Pease.


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