Gross Strategic Marketing logoGross Strategic Marketing (GSM) announced the release of its Plan Sponsor Video Series, which creates a new avenue for pursuing the education of retirement plan sponsors in getting the attention of clients. The series offers broadcast-quality streamed content that supports email messaging and analytics. The videos combine high-definition video with the guidance of industry experts that use jargon-free language to impart knowledge on topics such as fiduciary responsibilities, plan documentation, and design and plan audits. Each topic receives its own video segment and the same expert treatment to help make otherwise difficult topics simpler to understand yet robust enough to be valuable and encourage dialogue between plan sponsors and their clients.

“The simple fact is that many people would rather watch a video than read the very same words. Video engages with sight and sound to introduce and reinforce information,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Alan Gross. “We’re convinced that the Plan Sponsor Video Series is the best “next” thing to do when it comes to client outreach.”

The Plan Sponsor Video Series is professionally developed by GSM’s team of industry experts and is available on a subscription basis. A comprehensive support program is provided at no additional charge. More information is available at the GSM website.


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