weird looking guyWhile most anyone will agree that a stronger economy is in the best interest for everyone, the climate may also bring out behavior not typically observed in more financially risky periods. If employees feel its ok to quit, it’s probably a good sign. However, managers often have to deal with some oddities. For example, consider the perplexing and weird excuses offered when quitting a job as found by a recent OfficeTeam survey.

In the words of the surveyed senior managers:

“An employee said it was his routine to change jobs every six months.”
“One person left because she lost her cell phone too many times at work.”
“There was an individual who left to play the trombone.”

Other employees chose the route of blatant honesty to a somewhat humorous effect:

“An employee said work was getting in the way of having fun.”
“A person quit because informal dress was not allowed.”
“A guy said he was making too much money and didn’t feel he was worth it.”

Some just couldn’t reconcile with their senses:

“He quit because he didn’t like the way the office smelled.”
“An individual did not like the sound of file cabinets being slammed.”
“One employee didn’t enjoy the cafeteria food.”

A few were unfamiliar with the idea of paid leave time:

“One person quit to watch a soccer tournament.”
“We had someone leave because he had to stay home to feed his dog.”
“An employee left because he wanted to watch a movie with his girlfriend during work hours.”

And some employees couldn’t handle the architectural eye candy:

“A person quit because he hated the carpet.”
“Someone felt the lobby area was too small.”
“She hated the lighting in the building.”
“One worker did not like the colors of the walls.”

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