According to the 2016 Health IT Salary Report from, salaries in the health IT field are higher than ever. In 2016, the average salary for an IT professional in the health industry was $93,469, roughly $6,000 higher than the average salary for the same professional in 2015.

If you’re looking to make a career change, it might be time to work on your IT skills and head into the health industry.

The report also found that health IT workers tend to be pretty happy in their jobs, with 79 percent expressing satisfaction with their roles. But despite the high pay and satisfaction ratings, 49 percent of health IT pros said they weren’t satisfied with their salaries.

Pay levels in the field also appear to be affected by possible biases, as men earned 14 percent more than women and caucasian workers earned 16 percent more than African American workers. It should be noted that health IT is far from alone in this regard; many fields reflect similar pay disparities along demographic lines.

For more information from the report, check out the infographic below:


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