IT WorkerThere are two kinds of people who should look at an infographic like this:

  1. Job seekers with IT credentials who are interested in entering the health care industry.
  2. Employers in the health care industry who need to hire IT professionals.

For the first kind of person, this infographic can offer some very useful insights into that particular career path. And, if you’re already working IT in the health care industry, this infographic can help you make sure your employer isn’t lowballing you.

For the second kind of person, this infographic should guide your compensation offerings. After all – once the IT pros get a hold of this info, they won’t be happy if they realize that their paychecks – prospective or otherwise – aren’t quite what they should be.

So, job seekers and employers alike, I encourage you to check out this excellent new infographic

Otherwise, you might regret accepting (or making) that offer.

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