November 26, 2013

Why We’re Thankful for Receptionists, Burned Candidates and Street Meat

Business woman showing a post-it to thank youWith Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, we here at Infusive Solutions (a specialized IT staffing firm in New York City) put our heads together to come up with a list of things for which we’re thankful.

When we first started putting our heads together, there was a lot of generic mush—our clients’ and candidates’ continued support; folks promptly returning voicemails; the ability to help people get to the next level of their careers—stuff that’s obvious and not that interesting.

So we returned to the table and came up with a more unique list of little things that make our lives a lot better every time we step back into the office.

Now we’d like to share them with you. Gobble gobble.

1. Kind Receptionists:

With all the fine candidates we have in process at a given time, our talent specialists spend much of the day on the phone speaking with hiring managers who would enjoy value from the talent we represent. This means a lot of time getting connected to the correct people, finding the right extensions and verifying email addresses, which carries plenty of intersection with front-line receptionists who direct the incoming traffic to the main number. And when you get such a professional who greets you warmly and treats your inquiry with respect rather than annoyance, it’s one of those things that makes the day exponentially more pleasant—and for that simple fact—we feel it fitting to give thanks to you, kind receptionists.

2. Good Hold Music:

Along the same lines, spending a lot of time on the phone usually means a lot of waiting on hold while being connected to the appropriate party. In those moments, having something palatable flowing into the ear canals makes the day go by that much faster; so, for those client organizations that provide a little smooth jazz or some pleasant downtempo, we give thanks for you as well.

3. Efficient Hiring Processes:

In the staffing biz there are many variables that need be optimized before a successful placement is solidified. So, while we can put forth our best effort to make sure we’re providing clients with candidates that suit their technical and cultural needs while providing candidates with opportunities that meet their expectations and values, hiring processes themselves can often be a wild card that’s hard to control.

And should they be slow or convoluted, it can be oh-so-frustrating to see an otherwise promising match slip through the cracks. With that in mind, hiring processes that move great talent through the funnel efficiently enable us to do our job with paramount effectiveness, and for those instances, we most certainly give thanks.

4. Candidates Willing to Give Recruiters a Second Chance:

Starting out, I completely HATED recruiters and was at a point where I wanted nothing to do with them. I tried three recruiters during my last job search … and every single one of them was a nightmare.”

This is an excerpt from a recent testimonial a candidate graciously provided for our website and speaks to the legions of tactless recruiters in the industry who leave talent with a bad taste in their mouth by either being tactless, manipulative, thick or some combination of the three.

That said, we’re thankful for candidates who have been burned and are willing to give the industry a second shot. We know that agency recruiters can generate sustainable positive outcomes for the community if the approach is correct and appreciate the trust it takes to work with a staffing professional after having bad experiences in the past.

5. Clients and Candidates Who Don’t Mind Letting Their Hair Down:

While it’s important to maintain the utmost professionalism in daily interactions with clients and candidates, it’s great to build relationships that yield a more personal rapport. That’s why we’re also thankful for those members of our community who don’t mind getting together for a lunch, a drink or an outing so that we can show what we’re all about as people and not just vendors.

6. Side Projects:

In staffing, there’s an art to efficiently getting to a candidate’s core and nothing suggests passion for the craft more than a side project. For example, as specialists in IT, it’s always a joy to encounter and send out talent who not only have the relevant experience for our niche but go above-and-beyond by tinkering with cool technologies and creating amazing results to simultaneously ignite an inner fire and sharpen/develop skills. These are the kinds of folks pushing the envelope and making waves on the market; so, for those who supplement a day job with relevant extracurriculars, we thank you!

7. Rafiqi’s:

OK, this one might have only made it on the list because we’re dealing with the year’s only holiday to revolve mostly around eating, but we’ve found nothing feeds the beast quite like a tasty falafel, lamb or chicken feast from New York City’s famed street meat cart Rafiqi’s. With delicious, greasy concoctions available for a few measly bucks any day of the week, we’re thankful for the scrumptious street food as either a victory meal when things are going right or a consolation prize when things don’t go our way. So, for all those who take solace in their local watering hole, we’re sure you can appreciate why we want to give thanks for the parties helping to tantalize our taste buds a few times a month.

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Ben Weiss is the digital marketing strategist at Infusive Solutions, an NYC-based IT staffing firm in the Microsoft Partner Network specializing in the placement of .NET, SQL Server and SharePoint developers as well as Windows Systems Engineers, DBAs and help-desk support professionals. Follow them on Twitter @InfusiveInc.