cat“You wouldn’t go to work¬†drunk, so why go to work tired?” asks a new infographic from U.K.-based bedding retailer SleepyPeople.

According to SleepyPeople, sleeping less than five hours a night over the course of a few nights can leave a person just as cognitively impaired as a round of heavy drinking can. Funny thing is, our hyper-connected, always-on culture doesn’t exactly encourage rest. In 2013, only 54 percent of employed people under the age of 50 in the U.S. told Gallup¬†they got enough sleep every night.

SleepyPeople’s infographic notes that “lack of sleep is [a] primary cause of low productivity in the workplace,” and that “those who sleep less than [six] hours each night are noticeably less productive at work.”

Employees, take a look at SleepyPeople’s infographic below to learn more about how you can improve your sleep habits and feel refreshed and reenergized every day.

Employers — take some time to think about whether or not your corporate culture encourages workers to lose sleep at night. If it does, you need to realize that you’re not only harming your employees’ health — you’re also harming your own productivity levels.

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